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  • 01/21/2016 12:14 PM | Cara Smith (Administrator)


    It's too cold out. It's too hot out. Sun's not out yet. It's raining. Roads have snow on them. Sidewalks aren't shoveled. It's too early. It's too late. The kids have a game. I just don't feel like it. The list goes on and on. There will always be an excuse. Have you already committed to a race? Hired a coach? Statistics show that the more you miss that workout, the greater the chance of you skipping the next. Sure, there will be times you have no choice but to miss a workout. So why not get the time in now so that you have the cushion?

    Do you need to be held accountable? Do you need a training partner(s) to give you that extra push?

    This is what this club is all about. We are here to make sure you succeed. We have many sources to pair you up with other members for training and/or for working out.

    If you need help finding a group, let me know. I will help you find people to workout with and to keep you accountable. But it goes both ways. If you've made the commitment to a race or hired a coach, the excuses have to stop.

    We are here to help you with you journey!


  • 01/20/2016 6:11 AM | Cara Smith (Administrator)

    So many call triathletes crazy! Maybe? But I don't think so.  We lead a healthy lifestyle (ok, we try), give back to the community and are very social! Here's an article on why to Tri.......


  • 01/18/2016 10:29 AM | Deleted user

    We are well into the new year and beginning of the new season. We want to give a huge Thank You to all our Sponsors last year. Some are new and some have continued to support us over the past years! We can't continue to grow as a club without them. They are all local and each one gives us full support!

    Pedal and Tim Krone, and his crew;

    Athletic Mentors with Mark Olson and Cheryl Sherwood along with their coaches-Michelle Dalton, Paul Raynes and Joey, and their swim coaches Tom and Kelly Belco;

    Gazelle Sports with Rob Lillie and Alison Nuismer;

    Spirit Racing and Jim Mishler;

    Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance with Scott Miller and his staff;

    Jac's Pizza with Bill Cekola and Kellie Cekola and their entire staff;

    Orrin B Hayes with Amy Krone;

    Imperial Beverage with Joe Cekola and his crew;

    Bronson Athletic Club;

    Arcadia Brewery with Tim Timothy Suprise;

    Thank you very much for all your support through 2015!!

    It's Martin Luther King Day. I thought it would be appropriate to give today's quote from the great Dr. "I have decided to stick with Love, Hate is too great a burden to bear" -MLK Jr

    Everyone have a great week, be safe out there and don't forget, member meeting tomorrow night at Jac's.

  • 01/11/2016 10:35 AM | Deleted user

    The start of the week with pretty cold temps, wind and there is ice under that snow! I guess winter is here now.

    Members, upcoming meeting will be on technolgy with a panel. Emails will be going out, but keep the 19th open. We are back at Jac's for the start of out 2016 member meetings!

    Everyone have a great week, be safe out there!

    Monday morning quote: "the true measure of success is not by what you possess. The true measure of success in life is how many other lives you made better"- author unknown

    This week, focus on boosting your speed with these treadmill tricks.

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