Upcoming events

    • 02/24/2019
    • 7:30 AM
    • Hayloft Theatre

    Come out for some fun cheering our fellow athletes

    running the Winter Blast! 

    The Club has won the Cheer station contest the last several years for being the most fun aid station! We have earned $1,000 for winning! 

    Our Theme this year is Trikat Superheros - Come dressed as your favorite Super Hero or Wear your Trikat Gear...or both!

    Our station is near the Hayloft Theater on the Bicentennial trail -  We will see 10k and Half Marathoners two times! 

    We need lots of volunteers please sign up today! 

    There will be an after party for all volunteers and athletes at Jac's in Portage after the race! 

    • 06/09/2019
    • Thornapple River Grand Rapids Mi

    The Grand Rapids Triathlon is known for it’s flat, fast course. It’s ideal for the new and experienced triathlete alike. With a beautiful swim in the lake-like Thornapple River with virtually no current, to a flat country-road bike course then on to the scenic, shaded run course with loads of local support. This race offers several free clinics leading up to the event, a pre-race swim and  pre-ride at the race site the week before along with an amazing expo. It’s the largest independent triathlon in Michigan and offers a Sprint, Olympic and Half Iron, all with separate transition areas to give you a small race feel. Come experience a world-class event in Grand Rapids, MI on June 9, 2019.

    Offers Several Race Options

    Half Tri – 1.2 Swim, 56 Bike, 13.1 Run
    Half Relay – 1.2 Swim, 56 Bike, 13.1 Run
    Half Aquabike – 1.2 Swim, 56 Bike

    Olympic Tri – 1500m Swim, 24.8 Bike, 6.2 Run
    Olympic Relay – 1500m Swim, 24.8 Bike, 6.2 Run
    Olympic Aquabike – 1500m Swim, 24.8 Bike

    Sprint Tri – 600m Swim, 12.4 Bike, 3.1 Run
    Sprint Relay – 600m Swim, 12.4 Bike, 3.1 Run
    Sprint Aquabike – 600m Swim, 12.4 Bike


    • 06/23/2019
    • Grass Lake Mi

    Event dates: Sunday, June 23, 2019
    Race staging area: Portage Lake, Waterloo State Recreation Area
    Race start time: please visit the official event site for start times

    Events and Distances include:

    Sprint Triathlon (Athena category available)
    Sprint Duathlon
    Sprint Aquabike
    Sprint Triathlon Relay
    Sprint Duathlon Relay
    MIni-Sprint Triathlon

    Click Here for Information and Registration 

    • 06/30/2019
    • Benton Harbor

    IRONMAN 70.3 Steelhead Logo

    Click above for information and Registration 

    • 07/16/2019
    • Little John Lake Park Allegan MI

    Allegan's 9th annual sprint triathlon to be held on Tuesday, July 16th at 5:45pm at Littlejohn Lake Park. Our mission is to help raise money for the Allegan All-Sports Booster Club to help support our Middle School and High School athletic programs and athletes, while also promoting health and fitness not only within our community but the surrounding area as well.


    • 07/21/2019
    • Camp ManitouLin Middleville Mi

    Nestled in the heart of Camp Manitou Lin is one of the best venues in the area for tri-sport. A beautiful sandy beach start from the shores of Barlow Lake, to a breathtaking ride through the rolling hills of the surrounding neighborhoods to an out & back run along the lakeshore, this is a must-do event to put on your every year. Positioned as a boutique event, entry is limited so we can offer great SWAG for everyone, generous transition space and cash prizes not only for the winners but also for 2 lucky random drawings. And the proceeds from this event supports local nonprofit myTEAM TRIUMPH West Michigan Chapter. Join us as we celebrate ability together!

    Based on how popular 2018's event was, you will not want to miss out on our next event! The event will be capped at 600 participants so we can create a VIP experience just for YOU! Don't say we didn't warn you :-)


    750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run

    Sprint Triathlon
    Sprint Duathlon
    Sprint Aquabike
    Sprint Relay


    1500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run

    Olympic Triathlon
    Olympic Duathlon
    Olympic Aquabike
    Olympic Relay


    200m swim, 20k bike, 3k run

    Click Here for Information and Registration 

    • 07/27/2019
    • Battle Creek Mi

    The Cereal City Triathlon & Duathlon showcases the City of Battle Creek and its amenities. Te event is hosted at the beautiful Willard Beach on Goguac Lake. With a flat and fast course, the Cereal City Triathlon and Duathlon is a great course to set your personal best. The course and event is perect for beginners and experienced athletes looking for good competition, great views, and some sweet swag!

    The Cereal City Triathlon and Duathlon offers a sprint triathlon, a super sprint triathlon (ages 9-18) and a duathlon. All events can be done solo or as a relay of two or three people.

    Super Sprint Distances: Swim 400 meters, Bike 10K (6 miles), Run approx. 3K (2 miles)

    Sprint Distances: Swim 500 meters, Bike 20K (12 miles), Run 5K (3.1 miles) 

    Duathlon Distances: Run approx. 3K (2miles), Bike 20K (12 miles), Run 5K (3.1 miles)

    Click here for information and registration 

    • 08/18/2019
    • Grand Rapids Mi

    The 2019 Michigan Titanium has been selected by USAT to host the Ultra-Distance (Full) National Championship. The Ultra-Distance National Championships will have Team USA qualification slots for the 2020 ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championship, part for the 2020 ITU Multisport Festival. *No qualification is necessary to compete in this event.*  This National Championship event will be held in conjunction with our other distances and other events.  http://www.mititanium.com/


    Full Tri – 2.4 Swim, 112 Bike, 26.2 Run
    Full Relay – 2.4 Swim, 112 Bike, 26.2 Run
    Full Aquabike – 2.4 Swim, 112 Bike
    Full Duathlon – 112 Bike, 26.2 Run

    Half Tri – 1.2 Swim, 56 Bike, 13.1 Run
    Half Relay – 1.2 Swim, 56 Bike, 13.1 Run
    Half Aquabike – 1.2 Swim, 56 Bike
    Half Duathlon – 56 Bike, 13.1 Run

    Olympic Tri – .93 Swim, 24.8 Bike, 6.2 Run
    Olympic Relay – .93 Swim, 24.8 Bike, 6.2 Run
    Olympic Aquabike – .93 Swim, 24.8 Bike
    Olympic Duathlon – 24.8 Bike, 6.2 Run

Past events

01/25/2019 T-shirt Pick up and Friday Social
01/16/2019 Tri 101 - Athletic Mentors
01/01/2019 One One Run
12/29/2018 December Social
12/01/2018 Run around Gull Lake with KAR
11/22/2018 Turkey Trot
11/21/2018 Pre-Thanksgiving Social
11/20/2018 November Monthly Member Meeting
11/07/2018 Trikat Information Night
11/04/2018 Hot Chocolate 15k/5k
11/03/2018 Iceman
10/21/2018 Grand Rapids Marathon
10/17/2018 Trikat Member Meeting - Athletic Mentors
10/14/2018 Trikats Family Fall Social
10/14/2018 Hot Cider Hustle
10/14/2018 Ironman Louisville
10/07/2018 Chicago Marathon
10/06/2018 Sleeping Bear Marathon
10/05/2018 Art Hop
10/02/2018 Track Workout-WMU
09/30/2018 Volunteer Event: Xterra Triathlon
09/25/2018 Track workout-WMU
09/23/2018 Run Michigan Cheap-Run or walk
09/23/2018 Pedal Mtn Bike Skills clinic
09/22/2018 Park 2 Park-Running race
09/19/2018 Trikat Urban Herd Takeover
09/18/2018 Track Workout-WMU
09/16/2018 Yoga with BrieLynn
09/16/2018 Lake Michigan CU Bridge Run
09/15/2018 Peacock Strut
09/15/2018 Allendale Triathlon
09/13/2018 Group Ride
09/12/2018 Trikat Urban Herd Takeover
09/11/2018 Yoga with BrieLynn
09/11/2018 Track workout-WMU
09/10/2018 Mountain Bike Monday
09/10/2018 KRVT run
08/29/2018 Trikat Final 2018 OWS Cookout
08/19/2018 Michigan Titanium Triathlon
08/04/2018 Shermanator Triathlon
07/25/2018 Trikat OWS Cookout
07/04/2018 Tri on the Fourth of July
06/27/2018 Trikat OWS Cookout
06/10/2018 Grand Rapids Triathlon
06/01/2018 Volunteer Event: Kids Tri At The Y
05/12/2018 Trikat Season Kickoff Party
05/12/2018 KBC Community Ride
05/08/2018 Five to Keep Them Alive! Ale
04/18/2018 Trikat Monthly Meeting - Bike Etiquette
03/15/2018 Trikat Monthly Meeting - AM Triathlon University
02/25/2018 Volunteer Event: Winterblast
02/21/2018 Trikat Monthly Meeting - Foam Rolling
01/17/2018 Trikat Monthly Meeting - Ironman World Championship
12/17/2017 Trikat Holiday Party
11/07/2017 Trikat Monthly Meeting
10/14/2017 Kona Watch Party
09/19/2017 Member Meeting
08/26/2017 Trikat Season Wrap Party
06/14/2017 Trikat OWS Race Day Clinic
05/24/2017 Open Water Swim
05/21/2017 Trikat Bicycling Clinic
05/16/2017 Trikat Season Kickoff Party
04/18/2017 Trikat Monthly Meeting
04/17/2017 Group Cycling
03/05/2017 Trikat Monthly Meeting
02/26/2017 Winter Blast After Party
02/26/2017 Winterblast Half Marathon Ninja Kat Volunteers
02/21/2017 Trikat Monthly Meeting
01/24/2017 Trikat Monthly Meeting
12/13/2016 Trikat Holiday Party
11/14/2016 Trikat Member Meeting
10/25/2016 Trikat Member Meeting
09/27/2016 Trikat Member Meeting
08/13/2016 Kids Get Active Triathlon
08/10/2016 Open Water Swim Cookout
08/06/2016 Shermanator TRI
07/13/2016 Open Water Swim Cookout
06/25/2016 Gull Lake Tri/DU/AB/Relay
06/16/2016 Kalamazoo Kids Triathlon
06/08/2016 Open Water Swim Cookout
05/28/2016 Double Time Triathlon
05/22/2016 Seahorse Triathlon
05/08/2016 Borgess Run
05/01/2016 Custer Stampede
04/16/2016 Barry-Roubaix
04/09/2016 Trikats Member Meeting
03/22/2016 Trikats Member Meeting
03/20/2016 Melting Man
02/28/2016 Winter Blast After Party
02/28/2016 Winterblast Half Marathon Beach Party-Volunteer Event
02/16/2016 Trikats Member Meeting
01/19/2016 Trikats Member Meeting
09/27/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
09/20/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
09/16/2015 KAR Borgess Training Run
09/13/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
09/13/2015 Challenge Cedar Point 140.6 Triathlon
09/13/2015 Ironman Wisconsin
09/09/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
09/06/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
09/02/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
08/30/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
08/29/2015 South Beach Triathlon
08/27/2015 PEDAL group ride
08/26/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
08/23/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
08/23/2015 Michigan Titanium
08/22/2015 Three Rivers Triathlon
08/22/2015 Three Rivers Triathlon
08/20/2015 PEDAL group ride
08/19/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
08/16/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
08/16/2015 Traverse City Triathlon
08/15/2015 Girls Best Friend Triathlon
08/13/2015 PEDAL group ride
08/12/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
08/09/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
08/09/2015 Cereal City Triathlon
08/09/2015 70.3 Steelhead
08/08/2015 Kids Get Active Triathlon
08/06/2015 PEDAL group ride
08/05/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
08/02/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
08/01/2015 Shermanator 2015
07/30/2015 PEDAL group ride
07/29/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
07/26/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
07/26/2015 Xterra
07/26/2015 Tri to finish
07/23/2015 PEDAL group ride
07/22/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
07/22/2015 KAR Borgess Training Run
07/21/2015 Tri Allegan
07/19/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
07/19/2015 70.3 Ironman Racine
07/18/2015 Tri Del Sol
07/18/2015 Sister Lakes Triathlon
07/16/2015 PEDAL group ride
07/15/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
07/15/2015 KAR Borgess Training Run
07/12/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
07/12/2015 Grand Haven Triathlon
07/11/2015 70.3 Ironman Muncie
07/09/2015 PEDAL group ride
07/08/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
07/08/2015 KAR Borgess Training Run
07/05/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
07/05/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
07/02/2015 PEDAL group ride
07/01/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
07/01/2015 KAR Borgess Training Run
06/28/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
06/27/2015 Gull Lake Triathlon
06/25/2015 PEDAL group ride
06/25/2015 KAR Portage Training Run
06/25/2015 KAR Richland Training Run
06/24/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
06/24/2015 Urban Herd
06/24/2015 KAR Portage Training Run
06/24/2015 KAR Borgess Training Run
06/23/2015 KAR Battle Creek Run
06/21/2015 Dirty Herd
06/21/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
06/21/2015 Duck Lake Triathlon
06/20/2015 National 24 Hr Bike Ride
06/18/2015 PEDAL group ride
06/17/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
06/14/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
06/14/2015 Grand Rapids Triathlon
06/14/2015 Tri Goddess Tri
06/14/2015 3 Disciplines Motor City Triathlon
06/13/2015 Anyone Can Tri SuperSprint Triathlon
06/13/2015 Kalamazoo Mud Run
06/11/2015 Kids at Custer Triathlon
06/10/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
06/07/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
06/07/2015 Kids Triathlon Clinic
06/07/2015 Dansville Aggie Duathlon & 5K
06/07/2015 The GrizzlyMan
06/03/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
05/31/2015 3 Disciplines Big Fish Triathlon
05/31/2015 Hawk Island Triathlon
05/31/2015 Tri To Finish - Holly Rec Spring Triathlon
05/30/2015 Double Time Triathlon/Duathlon/Aquabike
05/30/2015 Tri Greenville Triathlon
05/27/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
05/24/2015 Bear Lake Triathlon & Duathlon
05/24/2015 3 Disciplines Seahorse Triathlon
05/23/2015 K5K
05/23/2015 Island Lake Triathlon
05/20/2015 Trikat Weekly Swim
05/19/2015 Trikat Season Kick Off Party
05/17/2015 Trikat Weekly Bike Ride
05/17/2015 Sky Tri
05/16/2015 Jenison Triathlon
05/09/2015 Hope Starts Here Duathlon
05/09/2015 3 D Duathlon
06/01/1990 1990 Annual Meeting


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